The Purrfect Pedicure: How to Cut Cat Nails
Trimming your cat’s claws does not have to be an intimidating chore.  Start by doing just one paw or even just one claw at a time.  If you do it regularly and give your cat a favorite treat each time, she’ll learn to accept the procedure with no protest.
  • Gather all your tools: a good nail trimmer, styptic powder or pads, and a few high value treats.
  • Either sit with your cat in your lap, or place her on a slippery table, which will make it harder for her to escape.
  • Gently grasp her paw with one hand, with your forefinger under the paw and your thumb on top.
  • Press down on the claw with your thumb; the claw will extend and you will see the “quick,” which consists of the veins for the claw.  It’s important not to cut the quick, or it will bleed and be painful.
  • Trim the nail between the quick and the tip of the claw.
  • Don’t forget the dew claw, which is on the inside and further up your cat’s paw.
If you do cut the quick by mistake, dip it in the styptic powder.  The bleeding should stop fairly soon.  If you’re nervous or your cat just won’t allow the procedure, call us for an appointment.
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