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6 Reasons Why You CANNOT Skip Grooming Your Dog

man grooming white fluffy dog.
It’s great to make sure our beautiful dogs stay clean and smell good by grooming them regularly, but grooming is about more than just keeping them nice and pretty. In fact, it’s actually vital to their health and wellness.

There are a lot of essential benefits to maintaining your dog’s hygiene and grooming them regularly. Dogs aren’t aware of or concerned about what’s dirty and what they should avoid when they’re outside playing. So, it’s our job as good pet parents to make sure we keep them clean, which also helps their general health! Here are six reasons why grooming your dog is important, and you absolutely cannot skip it.

1. It Helps Prevent Fleas And Ticks

One of the main reasons we bathe our dog is to wash away most of the dirt and grime they might have collected throughout their days playing outside. But one of the more important reasons we need to bathe them to make sure we prevent flea and tick infestations.

Even though there are now specialized shampoos that can assist with this issue, they may not be completely effective in getting rid of flea and ticks. But bathing will help you spot them, and once you know they’re there, you can remove them completely and safely.

2. It Removes Dirt And Dead Skin

Brushing your dog is important to keep their coat healthy and glossy. But whenever you brush your dog, you’re doing more than just making them look nicer. Brushing them is a vital part of their health because you’re also getting rid of external dirt, dead fur and skin cells, and dandruff that might otherwise stay stuck on your dog’s coat.

Another reason brushing your dog is important is that it stimulates natural oils in your dog’s fur. These oils spread throughout your dog’s coat when you brush them, which leaves them looking shiny and healthier. Brushing also helps your dog avoid matted or clumped hair. Mats can cause major skin irritation and hold bacteria or parasites. Brushing your dog won’t just help their coat and skin health, but their overall health, as well.

3. It Protects Feet And Helps Avoid Nail Complications

Nail trimming can be hard to do on your own at first, as the shorter you cut, the closer you get to the part of the nails with blood vessels. That is why it might be best to leave this to a professional if you’re not comfortable or confident in your nail trimming abilities.

However, there’s no excuse not to have it done at all.

Trimming your dog’s nails isn’t just about making their feet look nice. Having long nails can be uncomfortable for your dog and can also lead to a change in their gait — the way they walk. Walking with long nails can cause your pup to walk on the sides of their feet. This can lead to arthritis and even bone deformations if you don’t trim their nails regularly.

4. It Helps Avert Possible Ear Infections

One of the important things we should be doing while grooming our beloved pups is making sure their ears are clean and devoid of any type of blockage.

When dogs explore the world outside, they have a tendency to brush up against things. This can lead to ear mites and ear infections that will cause discomfort for your dog. Dogs who have especially long, floppy ears are at greater risk.

Making sure we check their ears when grooming them will help prevent issues like these.

5. It Maintains Dental Health

It is important to give your dog a bathe and brush them, but usually you don’t have to do this every day. However, when it comes to dental hygiene for your pooch, it’s important to maintain it as often as possible.

That means, for many dogs, brushing their teeth at least once a day to prevent tooth and gum decay. Small dogs who have crowded teeth or breeds who are predisposed to periodontal disease need extra care.

Maintaining a healthy diet can also help with dental health, and some dogs require less brushing than others. However, you should ask your veterinarian about a regular dental routine and include it in your grooming schedule. This can have a tremendous effect on your dog’s well-being and will also help you reduce the need for frequent professional dog teeth cleanings that can cost a fortune.

6. It Lets You Check For Abnormalities

One of the great benefits of grooming your pup is that you become more aware of what’s going on with your dog’s body. The more familiar you are with how their skin feels and how they respond to you when you touch them, the better you can tell if there’s something out of the ordinary.

Grooming your dog can help you recognize quickly if there is an unusual lump, bump, or spots on your dog’s body that don’t look normal. The quicker you can detect them, the faster you can take your pooch to the vet to see if something is wrong.

Also, make sure you pay attention to how your dog reacts to when you’re grooming them. If they show signs of pain or pull away when they haven’t before, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Regular grooming will help you establish what’s normal behavior and what isn’t.

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