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One of the biggest reasons pet owners give up on their animals or treat them harshly is behavioral issues. Treating behavior problems can not only reduce your pet’s stress levels during routine examinations and interactions, it can enhance your relationship with them and prevent further damage.

We take a comprehensive approach to behavioral guidance. Our program includes early identification of problems, pet owner education and prevention of problems, as well as educating pet parents on recognizing warning signs or lifestyle changes which may predispose pets to problems.

Our doctors and technicians can answer many basic questions about your pet’s behavior. For more in depth problems, you will be referred to our practice’s canine behavior counselor, Amy Ricotta.


In addition to answering your general behavior questions, Amy also offers the following behavior services:
  • New puppy/dog orientation consultation:All family members are encouraged to attend this 60-90 minute session geared towards PREVENTING behavior problems before they arise. Issues covered include chewing, mouthing, house training, appropriate toys and teaching manners. While this is generally geared towards puppies, it is also helpful to families bringing a new adult dog into the home.
  • Behavior consultation:For dogs exhibiting abnormal or undesirable behavior such as aggression, anxiety, house soiling, etc.During your initial 60-90 minute meeting, Amy will evaluate the dog’s history, problem behavior and your family’s lifestyle. Based on these factors, a treatment plan specific to your individual needs will be developed and will give recommendations for behavior management, obedience training (communication) and environmental management. If indicated, surgical and/or pharmaceutical intervention will also be discussed. You will be given a written summary of your session, including any appropriate handouts to refer back to. The initial consultation fee includes 60 minutes of phone consultations for follow up, however some cases do require schedule in-office rechecks. All family members are encouraged to attend this consultation.
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