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6 Winter Dog Walking Tips to Keep You Both Safe

A dog paw standing on the snowWhen walking your dog during the winter months, it's important you know how to take care of your pups when the temperature plummets. The experts at Webbox have suggested some of the ways you can protect your dogs in winter.

1. Buy an extra coat — keep your pups cosy with a warm, padded jacket. "These will be most beneficial to types of dog who feel the cold more easily, such as small breeds, those with short coats and slimmer dogs with less body fat," the team at Webbox explain.

2. Keep the lead on — heavy snow can distort your dog's vision, so it's always best to keep their lead on to ensure they stay safe. "Ensure that a collar with contact details and an ID tag is fitted before the walk and that they are microchipped in case the worst happens and your pet gets lost."

3. Beware of freezing — avoid going on a walk near a lake or pond as these could have frozen over due to the ice.

4. Wear visible jackets — both dogs and their owners should wear high visibility outerwear, such as jackets or flashing leads. Light-up balls are also a great idea for when the night draws in.

5. Be aware of snow — before heading out, trim your dog's fur around their paws to avoid any ice getting trapped. The experts suggest: "Don't allow dogs to eat snow as their body temperature could become dangerously low or there could be hidden items in the snow, such as glass, or even dangerous chemicals."

6. Spot changes in behaviour — signs of frostbite include whining, shivering, slowing down and regularly stopping. Elderly dogs should also be taken on shorter walks as arthritis can be more susceptible to the cold.

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/uk/wildlife/pets/a30098912/grit-pet-warning/

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